8 July 2014

Hybris 5.2 released


  • Data Hub
  • Punchout service 
    • Expose Hybris catalog to integrate a storefront in third party procurement systems
      • orders are integrated in procurement system
    • Ariba procurement integration (used by > 1.5 million companies)
  • Subscription enhancements
    • Entitlement & Metering Management UI
    • ...
  • Revamped backoffice
    • cockpits are perspectives in a uniform backoffice
    • will replace the management console in the future
  • B2B commerce accelerator enahcemed
    • configurable and personalisable checkout flows
    • ...
  •  OCC (Omni Commecrce Connect) Webservices V2 preview
    • trusted devices can manage users, carts, checkouts
    • stateless calls
  • Percona DB cluster support

3 July 2014

Ingenico buys GlobalCollect

French payment terminal maker Ingenico has entered exclusive negotiations to buy Dutch online payment provider GlobalCollect for 820M€.
Last year Ingenico already acquired Belgian online payment provider Ogone for 360 M€.

21 June 2014

Hybris Data Hub

Up until now you could only exchange data with the Hybris e-commerce platform using the Hybris impex format. To communicate with external datasources (product, order, customer data...) you needed to add an ETL tool or write your own data converter.
With the upcoming 5.2 release Hybris is filling this gap with the Data Hub. The Data Hub performs asynchronous import and export of data as provided by communicating systems. It can be installed on a system separate from the Hybris e-commerce system if desired.
The Data Hub processes all data with a common strategy:

  1. Data are communicated through a Spring integration channel
    • Message or batch driven
  2. Data are stored in a raw (source) data model: a database where data are kept as CLOBs in schema-less XML-like records whose structure is close to the structure of the external source data.
    • Only an integration key is mandatory for a record
  3. Data are transformed and stored Canonical model: an implementation neutral, logical business data model that contains the master data
    • Data model structure is defined in XML
    • Easy to query with little hybris knowledge
    • Specify data transformation process
      • dependencies (e.g. process categoy taxonomy before records)
      • m-n mapping of records using grouping handlers
      • Field mapping using composition rules
      • Spring Expression Language (SpEL) can be used for custom transformations
  4. Transform data to target system format and transfer them
    • The Hybris Commerce DataHub adapter transforms the model to impex data an communicates it to the Hybris Commerce System.
Validation takes place at all stages.
Anouncements for upcoming releases (5.3...):
  • Management and monitoring cockpit
  • Ready made extensions  for specific integrations (e.g. SAP ERP) 
A separate license will be needed for this module. I understand that the development has to be payed for. Still, for me, such functionality should be in the base license of an e-commerce product. That would lead to widespread adaption and generate a more lively ecosystem of handlers and adapter for specific integrations.

19 May 2014

SAP/Hybris to resell Adobe Marketing Cloud

SAP/Hybris e-commerce will be reselling Adobe Marketing Cloud with the Hybris e-commerce system.
Digital marketing is crucial for online shops. Being able to resell these will allow SAP/Hybris to sell a total solution to their customers.
Adobe Marketing Cloud is a platform that integrates multiple marketing products and thus adds a host of features to an e-commerce solution. The products typically integrate web, social and mobile interactions

  • Search, navigation and targeting
    • A/B and multivariant testing
  • Analytics
    • web, social, mobile
    • campaigns
    • integrate with offline sources
  • Cross channel campaigns
  • Social media interaction
    • manage content accross social networks
    • listen and respond
  • ...

1 May 2014

Unix: recursively change file suffixes


I want to move all files under a folder with names like
The Scabs\Royalty In Exile (2007 Re-Issue)\01 Crime Wave 1.m4a
The Scabs\Royalty In Exile (2007 Re-Issue)\01 Crime Wave.m4a
Reason: I have transferred my iTunes library from apple lossless encoding (ALAC) to AAC fromat, so Windows Media player can read them as well. The AAC files in iTunes have the same suffix (because AAC and apple lossless are both MP4 with a different codec). So for the new AAC file, iTunes adds ablank and an ordinal number to the file basename and appends the same m4a suffix.
I now want to replace the original ALAC files with AAC


  1. I did not find a decent windows command and did not want to learn Windows powershell so I installed Cygwin
  2. Run:
 find . -name \*\ 1.m4a -execdir sh -c 'mv -f "$1"  "${1% 1.m4a}.m4a"' _ {} \;

  • -execdir: in contrast with the POSIX -exec option, execdir executes in the directory where the file is found and substitutes the unqualified filename
  • We pass the find filename placeholder {} to the shell the be able to use bash shell variables $1, which allow operations like removing a suffix using the ${1%suffix} construct
  • The behaviour of the sh -c (execute a single shell command) with respect to the first parameter ($0, normally the script name), is somewhat unreliable, so we pass in a dummy placeholder "_" for $0 and pass the find parameter {} to $1
Excellent resource on using find

25 March 2014

5.1 released

  • Hybris 5.1 is released. Some interesting new features:
    • enhanced solr search backoffice
    • enhanced accelerators
    • Subscription Billing Gateway to integrate with billing provider (e.g. Vindicia)
    • SAP Hana DB support
    • channel specific pricing
  • Unnethack 5.1 is released. Some interesting new features:
    • new role: Convict class
      • Start
        • wearing a cursed striped shirt 
          • shopkeepers will not let you in (and remember you)
            • exception: on the black market you will receive a reduction
        • chained to an iron ball
        • having a sewer rat as a pet
        • on the verge of becoming hungry
        • immune to sickness (can eat tainted corpses)
      • can pacify and tame rats by #chatting with them 
      • can become expert in 
        • flail skill (iron ball)
        • escape spells
        • ...
      • All races are hostile to them
      • Minetown watch is hostile to them
    • New branch: The Ruins of Moria
      • Watcher in the Water
      • Durin's Bane
    • Tourists get automatic type identification for shop items
    • Healers can see how healthy monsters are
    • Player vampire gets a charisma bonus when wearing an opera cloak
    • It is impossible to know both the speed and location of a quantum mechanic
    • Intelligent monsters pick up and use keys
    • Wearing fedora increases luck of archaeologists

21 March 2014

LinkedIn to be self censored in China

I got a notification of a modification of the LinkedIn Terms of Service today.
You do not find any reference to censorship in the mail, but if you follow the links in the mail you can see that they have launched a beta version in Chinese. Linked in was previously only available in English in China.
If you follow the link to the user agreement you now find:
LinkedIn may be required by local laws to remove certain information or content and so that information or content may not be available on our Service in those countries.
LinkedIn clearly does not want to risk complete blocking, like Twitter today in Turkey, or Google earlier in China.