22 November 2014

JAXP history

Java SE JAXP What’s new
DOM level 0: javascript in NS/IE v3
DOM level 1 (tree), SAX 1.0 (push)
DOM Level 2, SAX 2.0 (+validation), TrAX (XSLT)
Apache Crimson XMLReader
XML Schema
Apache Xerces2 XMLReader
DOM level 3, XML 1.1, XInclude 1.0, Xpath 1, Validator API
StAX (pull)
SE also bundles JAXB
- no separate JAXP anymore, moved into Java SE

More details on DOM levels.

Customer Journey

Slightly modified version of Oracle Customer Journey to emphasize the shift to "pay as you go" consumption from a presentation by Matthew Banks:

13 November 2014

IDEA 14: show debugger values in editor

Nifty innovation by IntelliJ. You can see variable values in grey at the right hand side, while the debugger walks through your code:

25 September 2014

Hybris 5.3 released


  • Data Hub / SAP ERP integration 

    • SAP ERP order integration
      • Replicate master data from SAP ERP
        • Products
        • customers
        • pricing (includes SAP Retail discounts and bonuses)
      • send orders to be fulfilled to SAP ERP
    • online customers can configure complex products based on SAP Configure, Price and Quote rules
    • online customers can also see their physical store purchases stored in SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)
    • Hybris can send customer and order related information to SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) and use the resulting segmentation information for targeting and personalisation
  • B2B restful API. This is also an enabler for B2B mobile HTTP and Android clients and a sample app.
  • When an anonmymous user log in, merge his session cart with the cart stored against the customer account
  • Update nodes in a live cluster
And a no-show of the Data Hub cockpit :(

15 September 2014


An colleague instructor from the old Sun days pointed me to this:

28 August 2014

Russia said to react on Western sanctions with cyber attacks

Russia is suspected of cyber attacks on Western banks, in a reaction to Western financial sanctions in the Ukrania crisis. More...

28 July 2014

Forrester on Digital Experience Delivery platforms

Forrester published a report on products supporting the digital customer experience life cycle. The picture below shows how Oracle defines this process:

Currently no product supports the entire cycle. Products partially supporting the cycle come from the Web Content Management and E-commerce market segments. Even if vendors have products supporting the entire cycle, the integration is not seamless.

Hybris and Adobe are seen as  strategic leaders. They are also partners.
Adobe, Hybris, SDL and Sitecore have the strongest offerings.
Oracle has the largest installed base but comes out remarkably weak in the evaluation, probably because it did not participate in this evaluation.