22 December 2008

Hacking the Amazone rainforest

Brazilian loggers are hiring hackers to break in to government systems and exceed their quota.
The Brazilian government will respond by raising the quota with 150%.

21 December 2008

JMS producer code example

Alternate example for Code 8-1 in SL351-EE5.
This example features:
- ejb client container resource injection
- Queue/topic agnostic API (JMS 1.1)

EJB life cycle callback handlers

SL-351-EE5 Extra excercise 10.1

1 Create a JMS connection when the AuctionManagerBean is created.
   Make the connection an attribute of the bean
2 Close the JMS Connection when the bean is destroyed.


15 December 2008

EJB2 => EJB3

These slides show an example of the changes in a session bean going from EJB 2 to EJB 3

10 December 2008

hiking sites

About a year ago a coleague at Uniway told me about geocaching.
Geocaching is a game, where you have to find hidden objects (caches) based on GPS coordinates and hints.
A great way to have an entertaining and beautiful walk in an area you don't know.
With our friends we did a cache related to the flooding of the Yzer estuary in World War I.

This weekend I stumbled upon routeyou, another nice walking site. They have got plenty of descriptions of hikes and bike trips. Here's an example walk.