9 November 2018

WSDL 1.1 <definitions> and Java mapping (updated)

  • All wsdl:xxx elements are direct children of <wsdl:definitions>. 
  • Composition indicates XML child elements
  • Attributes indicate XML attributes
  • Relations are attributes referring to the name of other elements

8 November 2018

Java Web Services resources (updated)

7 November 2018

MS Office and Google Drive File Stream: Safe to edit

Google drive file stream  is now adding an real-time presence to your Microsoft Office documents.
In the bottom right corner of your documents you see a Safe to edit message to indicate no one else is working in the file.
You will also see who is editing and be able to merge after simultaneous editing.
You need to have the Drive File Stream Client installed for this feature to be active. Google is doing this without any Office plugin. When you launch the office document from your synced drive the Drive Client monitors it and displays the messages on top. Nice work Google!

5 November 2018

Spring Web Flow and Spring Boot DevTools problem: SpelEvaluationException: EL1004E: Method call:cannot be found

When calling a method with arguments using the <evaluate>  tag in a spring webflow XML definition I get the error SpelEvaluationException: EL1004E: Method call: xxx cannot be found.
I am using Spring Boot Devtools for automatic server restart upon changes.
The embedded LiveReload server uses two classloaders, and thinks the the classes of the parameters supplied by spel in the XML are different from the (same) classes in your Java code.
Hence the method is not found, and an exception is thrown.
Possible Solutions:

  • Do not use Spring Boot Devtools for Spring Web Flow projects
  • Follow the guidance in the description of the bug

30 October 2018

identifier cases

  • CamelCase
    • UpperCamelCase or PascalCase
    • lowerCamelCase
  • kebab-case
  • snake_case

25 October 2018

Powerpoint zoom notes text

Sometimes I work in a powerpoint where the text in the notes view is too small or too big.
Setting the font size does nothing.
Moving the zoom slider does nothing (I wish Microsoft would fix this).

The solution: while positioning your cursor in the notes pane, you have to select the View > Zoom menu, that one works.