29 January 2014

XML versus JSON

  • Advantages of XML
    • XML schema
      • namespaces
      • strong widespread validation
      • data type reuse
    • comments
    • XPath querying
  • Advantages of JSON
    • concise format
    • JavaScript builtin eval parser
    • scalar datatypes
    • arrays

XML is like violence: if it doesn't solve your problem, you aren't using enough of it.
          Chris Maden

16 January 2014

NetBeans: copylibs doesn't support the "excludeFromCopy" attribute

If you build a NeBbeans 7.4 project in an earlier version of NetBeans you can get this error (Bug 231468)

 copylibs doesn't support the "excludeFromCopy" attribute
To solve this, in your project remove the nbproject/build-impl.xml file.
Next time you open the project in the earlier NetBeans version, the file will be recreated without the new option.

8 January 2014

Defect Driven Design

D3 makes the most sense when you consider total cost of ownership from inception to product end of life. Of all the costs, maintenance is by far the largest. Unfortunately it is a cost that cannot be avoided. However we can avoid the costs of every other phase by simply eliminating them from the process.

A great development process by Kirk Peperdine.