25 March 2011

IPv4 addresses more expensive than .com domains

Microsoft has bought more than half a million IPv4 addresses from the bankrupt Nortel Networks for 7 million dollar. At $11 per address, this is more expensive than a .com domain name. (although one can argue that it is not more expensive than a good .com domain name).
IPv4 free address space is depleted since February.

22 March 2011

Most teams aren't teams at all but merely collections of individual relations with the boss. Each individual vying with the other for power, prestige and position
Douglas McGregor

The system being produced will tend to have a structure that mirrors the structure of the group that is producing it. One should take advantage of this fact and then deliberatly design the group structure so as to achieve the desired system structure.
Conway's law

18 March 2011

Belgian ticket shop Olympic Games 2012 down

Belgian tickets for the London Olympic games are sold through an online webshop by Suseia.
The sale started last tuesday night, but could not service the load. It was taken off line and restarted the next morning with doubled capacity. After the relaunch it still had problems and produced all kinds of errors in the sales process.
The site is now taken offline for more than a month to correct the problems.
Suseia does not want to disclose the name of the company that built the shop.
According to a tweet by JF Hovinne, a freelancer and working for Vox Teneo, the site was built with Drupal.