28 February 2013

Sales conditions: see website.

Typically legal sales conditions are printed on offers and invoices (what happens if the invoice is payed to late, which courts are competent in case of disputes...).
A judgment by the commercial court of Oudenaarde (december 26th, 2011) has decided that a reference to the conditions on the website is sufficient to be legally valid in Belgium.
I wonder if the judge that issued this ruling is sufficiently acquainted with IT.
After all the supplier can change the conditions on the websiteany time, without notification and without leaving a dependable historical change track.
There is no independant party that can verify today what the conditions on the website were at the time the reference was communicated.

27 February 2013

Thoughtworks eliminates sales comissions

Here's an article by Martin Fowler on flat sales salaries at Toughtworks (his employer).

Also notice the informal layout (somewhere between slides and text)
and the navigation arrows in the top bar.

24 February 2013

iTunes 11: import individual songs

In iTunes 11 you only have a button to import an entire CD. If you just want a few songs, you have to uncheck all others, one by one.  There is no obvious option to uncheck all songs and then pick the ones you want.
Trick: CTRL+click a checkbox and all songs will be unselected/selected.

20 February 2013

Firefox 19 javascript PDF viewer

Firefox doesn't use an adobe plugin anymore to show PDF. It handles them entirely in javascript, using the same pdf.js library as Chrome.
Bleeding fast and responsive.
Still young though, you might get incompatibility messages. So I'm just waiting a little before dumping the adobe plugin (with its pesky McAffee bundle) entirely.

5 February 2013

Java 8

My colleague, Romain, went to ski at La Plagne (France)