25 September 2014

Hybris 5.3 released


  • Data Hub / SAP ERP integration 

    • SAP ERP order integration
      • Replicate master data from SAP ERP
        • Products
        • customers
        • pricing (includes SAP Retail discounts and bonuses)
      • send orders to be fulfilled to SAP ERP
    • online customers can configure complex products based on SAP Configure, Price and Quote rules
    • online customers can also see their physical store purchases stored in SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR)
    • Hybris can send customer and order related information to SAP Customer Engagement Intelligence (CEI) and use the resulting segmentation information for targeting and personalisation
  • B2B restful API. This is also an enabler for B2B mobile HTTP and Android clients and a sample app.
  • When an anonmymous user log in, merge his session cart with the cart stored against the customer account
  • Update nodes in a live cluster
And a no-show of the Data Hub cockpit :(

15 September 2014


An colleague instructor from the old Sun days pointed me to this: