25 February 2009

Eclipse for Silverlight

Silverlight is Microsoft's lightweight silver bullet to kill Adobe Flex (who cares about JavaFX).
In a push to counter Adobe Flex's multiplatform argument, Microsoft sponsors the develoment of a Silverlight plugin in Eclipse.
Silverlight is supported on Windows and Mac by Microsoft and on Linux by the Mono Moonlight project.
Lacking code suggestion and debugging tools, The plugin is no real competition for Micorosoft's commercial tools (Visual Studio and Expression).

2 February 2009

Subatomic storage

Stanford Univiersity searchers succeeded in storing more than one bit per attom, by encoding information in the wave functions of electrons (if I understood the article well). The team markets this as Quantum holographic encoding and claims to have stored 35 bits per electron.
Good to know that Schrodinger's equation, Hamiltonian operators, eigenvalues and eigenfunctions have their use.