17 November 2008

chat aggregator

I am using MSN and Skype for chat/talk.
The rest of the project group wanted Google talk.
To keep things organised I went looking for a desktop aggregator.
Nobody supports Skype and because it is a bit flaky i decided to ditch Skype.

-digsby: private company storing all kinds of information about you including your passwords (we will not look at them)
- digsby: closed source
-digsy: windows only (just like me)
+digsby: also supports social networks like linked in.

Privacy is a concern with digsby and I would have gone for pidgin, but digsby installs and operates so much smoother that I fell for it.

Only drawback is that it starts with the buddy list open, but that's supposed to be a bug.

i'll keep an eye on pidgin to see if it gets any better.