20 January 2009

Glassfish error loading EJB client application container application

Whenever you load an EJB standalone client to be run within a client container into Glassfish 2 you get this error (with a whole stack trace following it):

Error attempting to process extensions from the manifest of JAR file C:\projectlocal\netbeans\SL351_D2\project\Auction\dist\gfdeploy\Auction-ejb.jar; ignoring it and continuing
java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\projectlocal\netbeans\SL351_D2\project\Auction\dist\gfdeploy\Auction-ejb.jar (The system cannot find the file specified)

The error can be safely ignored, as Tim Quinn explains.

Still it clutters other server output, so I tend to set the deployment logging level (javax.enterprise.system.tools.deployment) to severe in the glassfish console to get rid of it. I just switch it back when in doubt.