30 April 2009

mvn site

We're using maven 2 as a build system in our project. Now that I'm writing the doc, the site generator comes in handy.
The doc shows a good list of information you can generate out of the box.
Just make sure you include the index goal, or you won't have an index.html top file.
The rest of the documentation is terse, as usual in maven, but there's a nice javaworld article on the topic.
As I'm just generating doc, not pusing to a web server I need to link to all my different modules on disk. You do this by using the staging goal:

# mvn site:stage -DstagingDirectory=C:\projectlocal

i had a heap overflow running this, so i had to set an environment variable to increase it:

#set maven_opts=-xmx1024m -xx:maxpermsize=128m