3 October 2010

Google adds keyboard search navigation

Google's empire is built on providing an ordinary search utility. Still it keeps finding opportunities for enhancement while keeping it simple.
We already have suggest, a drop down box with search term autocompletion suggestions.
Only last month we got instant search, showing search results as you type.
Both are shown in the picture to the left.

Now Google is adding keyboard navigation, allowing you to move down through results (and to next page) using the arrow keys. Keyboard navigation starts after you hit enter in the search box. The current selected item is indicated by the little blue arrow head to the left. Hit enter again to go to the target page.

You need to be logged in with instant search enabled.

Still, criticists say that the blue arrow could be interpreted as a recommendation of the link to the user. It will point to the first position which is often an advertisement, Google's primary source of revenue.

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