2 December 2014

New DOM modules by Level (updated)

The W3C DOM specification is partitioned in a set of modules
Release versions of the DOM specification by W3C are called levels.
The table below shows which new modules appeared in each Level. Each higher level contains all modules of previous  levels.
Note: DOM Level 2 also introduces namespaces.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Core XML Xpath
HTML Views Validation
Range Load and Save
Traversal Asynchronous Load
Stylesheets Mutation Name Events
CSS UI Events
CSS2 Text Events
Events Keyboard Events
User Interface Events
Mouse Events
Mutation Events
HTML Events

Modules can be optional and can have different W3C recommendation statusses. You can check if your implementation supports a module using DOMImplementation.hasFeature(module, level) or Node.isSupported(feature, version) . Append ".0" to the level number (e.g. "3.0" for Level 3). Use null or empty string if any level will do.