20 November 2010

Solaris 11 networking enhancements

As of Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 these enhancements are included:

  • Network automagic (NWAM): dynamically configure fixed or wireless network depending on discovery and profiles
    Network automagic
  • sockets no longer use STREAMS
  • Solaris can work as a (L2) bridge (IETF TRILL)
  • unified handling of different types of network interfaces (project Clearview)
    • dladm extended (project Brussels)
    • virtual interfaces, IP tunnels and IPMP can now be accessed as generic IP interfaces. They can now be sniffed (e.g. lo0, traffic between zones...) , asssigned as an exlusive stack to a zone...
  • use virtual network interfaces (VNIC), virtual switches (etherstubs) and virtual routers, bridges and servers (zones) to siumulate an entire network on a single system (project Crossbow)
    • zones can exclusivly own an IP stack without a dedicated physical interface (NIC)
  • Link protection: limit ability of NIC to send spoofed packets
  • VRRP  (Virtual Router Redundancy protocol)
Earlier Solaris 10 networking enhancements.