20 November 2010

Solaris 11 networking enhancements

As of Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 these enhancements are included:

  • Network automagic (NWAM): dynamically configure fixed or wireless network depending on discovery and profiles
    Network automagic
  • sockets no longer use STREAMS
  • Solaris can work as a (L2) bridge (IETF TRILL)
  • unified handling of different types of network interfaces (project Clearview)
    • dladm extended (project Brussels)
    • virtual interfaces, IP tunnels and IPMP can now be accessed as generic IP interfaces. They can now be sniffed (e.g. lo0, traffic between zones...) , asssigned as an exlusive stack to a zone...
  • use virtual network interfaces (VNIC), virtual switches (etherstubs) and virtual routers, bridges and servers (zones) to siumulate an entire network on a single system (project Crossbow)
    • zones can exclusivly own an IP stack without a dedicated physical interface (NIC)
  • Link protection: limit ability of NIC to send spoofed packets
  • VRRP  (Virtual Router Redundancy protocol)
Earlier Solaris 10 networking enhancements.


  1. is ipmpstat included in the latest solaris 10 release? or is it on solaris 11?



  2. Hey mario, nice to hear from you again.
    ipmpstat is new in solaris 11.