11 July 2013

Tax on web bugs

In Belgium you can enter your tax form on the web.
Take care to save regurarly: the program is buggy and you can get disconnected unexpectedly (under heavy load, after a timeout...), losing all data you entered.
Not that it seems to matter much for the government: I have not found any way to pass a bug report to development. Well.... there is a phone number.  you can call if you have problems. More a helpdesk than a way to report bugs, but tried that just out of curiosity. After the classical phone menu trail you get into a waiting queue. I was number nine in the queue, so I gave up there.

Country menu bug

  1. The country menu is not sorted alfabetically, but by region. Hence entry completion does not work properly. I wanted to enter Verenigd Koninkrijk (United Kingdom). Entering V takes you to Vaticaanstad, entering VE takes you to Venezuela, but no UK. I'm using firefox 22 here.
  2. If you type a backspace in this field once or twice to correct, you loose your connection and all data you entered.

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