30 October 2013

Flemish libraries to lend e-books

In april 2014 Flemish libraries will start a pilot project to extend their offer with e-books. The initial pilot will run for a year and the catalog wil contain 300 titles.
You will be able to read them for free in the library.  For reading anywhere readers will be charged using the 345-model: maximum 3 ebooks fro maximum 4 weeks will cost €5.
The e-books will be readable using an app for Android and Apple. They will not be readable using an e-reader device, like Amazon Kindle, unless it can run Android apps. This limitation was needed to enforce the 345 lending model.
Here's a presentation for libraries that want to participate in the pilot project. Below is an infograph on ebooks ales evolution from 2011 => 2012, taken from the presentation:

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