10 December 2017

Google Drive File Stream: Drive letter changing on Windows (bug + workaround)

Google is replacing Google Drive with Google Drive File Stream (GDFS).
With GDFS you can (finally) cherry pick the folders that are synchronized to your local Drive (default: none).
GDFS mounts all network shares by default to drive G (what did you expect?).
Under G you will find a folder for your personal Drive and another folder for team drives you are member of (new with GDFS).
If the G drive is taken, GDFS takes the H drive and so on...

Every once in a while GDFS mistakenly thinks the G drive is occupied and switches to H, next time it is back on G again... Very annoying if you have an absolute path reference to something on your drive (shortcuts, scripts...). The solution is a classic Windows trick: stop and restart:

  1. Go to your task bar tray, right click the GDFS icon and choose quit
  2. Start Drive File Stream again from the Start Menu.
Users are really annoyed by this bug, so let's hope it's fixed soon.

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