27 June 2008


Did the sun JEE5 certification yesterday.
I started preparing the evening before, which did not leave nearly enough time,
but all was well :)
The exam is not easy, which is a plus for it's credibility, compared to some mock certifications on the market.
The EJB3 course I'm teaching at sun (sl351) is a good start, but not sufficient.
's SCBCD 5.0 Study Guide was the best resource I found on the web.

Topics I got:

  • JNDI, JPQL, transactions, exceptions, rollback
  • combining transactions and entitymanager
  • orm mapping of an association class
  • NO deployment descriptor syntax questions
  • libraries included in JEE5
  • mapping users to roles
  • business method that you can call locally/remotely
  • at which level can you apply specific annotations?
  • legal return types for @webmethod
  • composite primary keys
  • mixing EJB2/3
  • persistence units