1 July 2008

Favourite Firefox extensions

Nicest thing about firefox these days are its extensions.
Internet explorer is also jumping on the bandwagon but somehow this seems to pollute the field with all kinds of nagware.
Anyway, here are some of my favourites

Filter out ads to make you pages lighter and more zen. And you can subscribe to filter sets, filtering out the common ones (I got one for belgian/dutch sites).
Lets you render firefox tabs using internet explorer (on windows), so you can browse pages that don't follow standards (e.g. Sharepoint)
Convert a web page to a pdf. Usefull if you want to send a html report page or such to someone.

  • search buttons
    • SearchWP: Convert search words in the search box into buttons that let you immediatly search in the web page you found. Great, with a drawback: you have to take care to click next to the buttons when you want to modify the searchbox.
    • Searchbox Sync: Update your search box (left top) with search terms entered on search engine pages like google etc. By the same author as SearchWP and a great match.

No need to move to the menu's or keyboard anymore,
use the mouse to command your browser.

This one takes you forward in your browsing history. Press right mouse button, move left. As you see it highlights the command you draw.

This one does the same, but only by clicking. Keep left button pressed and press right. Obviously right button, then left takes you back

There's a standard set of actions and you can import your preferred actions from sets made by enthousiasts (plugins of the plugin), or add your own. I added this one from the gesture exchange site:

This mod opens my current page in a new tab. Handy when you want to "branch off" while browsing and still keep the main flow available.