12 September 2008

Microsoft joins OMG

Continuing their re-commitment to UML, Microsoft has now joined the UML governing body, the OMG.
And it's not only words, they are actual doing things.
Microsoft will include 9 UML 2.1 diagrams in the next version of Visual Studio Team System 10, code named "Rosario".

  • they have not been able to kill UML
  • the MDA approach of UML tries to generate programs from models. It is not just drawing anymore, but graphically building real programs. Microsoft has always wanted to have mouse clicking developers rather than the typing type ,so that's a nice fit
  • MDA uses a PIM (Platform Independent Model) and a PSM (Platform Specific Model). If you use UML as a neutral language (for the PIM) you can fit in DSL as a PSM. So Microsoft can go for UML without dropping its DSL approach.