7 September 2008

Vista: Do you really want to?

Vista brings the patronizing Windows policy of user confirmation prompting to new heights. The new thing is User Account Control (UAC) prompting:

For one thing some experts consider it broken.
But what is really a pain is that you can not turn off the prompting unless you disable User Account Control entirely.

Well, you can selectively turn off the prompting in the security policy, but not in the Home (Basic/Premium) edition. Making usable security an extra option is irresponsible, at the least.
David Cross a product unit manager at Microsoft, stated during the RSA Conference 2008 that UAC was in fact designed to "annoy users", and force independent software vendors to make their programs more secure so that UAC prompts would not be triggered.

A useful little program for disabling the prompting without disabling the security system is tweakUAC .
If you use tweakUAC this way, windows security center will (erraneously) report UAC is entirely turned off. And again, starts showing warnings every time you log on. You can turn that message off, though: double-click on the shield icon in the taskbar to open Windows Security Center. Then click on the “Change the way Security Center alerts me” link, in the left panel. Finally, choose one of the “Don’t notify me” options.