11 October 2009

Solaris Volume Manager Components




Manage state database replicas
  • metadb
    • -a: add
      • -f: force: overwrite existing data
      • -c n: count, number of replica on each slice
      # metadb –a –c 2 c1t1d0s7 c2t1d0s7 c3t1d0s7
    • -d: delete all replicas on a slice
      # metadb –d c3t1d0s7
    • -i: info
Information on logical volumes and their status
  • metastat [<volume>]
    • -p: print in md.tab format
Manage logical volumes
  • metainit: create logical volumes
    • Soft partition: logical volume on a part of a physical partition or disk. As long as space remains on the device, you can make additional soft partitions.
# metainit -p d<number> <device> <soft partition size>
# metainit -p d20 c0t1d0s6 10G
    • RAID 0
      # metainit d<number> <length> <width> <device> [<width> <device>]...
      # metainit d1 2 2 c1t1d0s6 c2t1d0s6 3 c0t1d0s5 c1t1d0s5 c2t1d0s5
      • <length> is the number of concatenations
      • <width> is the number of stripes in each concatenation
      • -f: force creation even if data is present. Data can be preserved if width=1.
    • RAID 1
      # metainit -m d<number> <logical volume>
      # metainit -m d10 d1
      RAID 5
      # metainit -r d<number> <device>...
      # metainit -r d20 c0t1d0s5 c1t1d0s5 c2t1d0s5
         Hot spare pool
      # metainit -hsp<number>  <device>...
      # metainit -hsp010 c1t1d0s5 c2t1d0s5
    • Soft partitions
  • # metainit d<number> –p <device> <size>
    # metainit d20 -p c1t3d0s2 4g


  •  /etc/lvm/md.tab: default location for reading (metainit) and writing (metastat) metadevice configuration

  • /etc/lvm/md.cf: system privat file with meatainit state (as in md.tab)

  • /etc/lvm/mddb.cf: metastate database locations

  • /kernel/drv/md.conf: kernel file with metastate database info (do not edit) and volume manager configuration info (e.g. maximum number of logical volumes)

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