3 February 2014

JPA 2.x what's new (edit)

JPA 2 (JSR 317) is a superset of JPA 1 and part of Java EE6. Added features include:

  • Entities
    • mixing of field and getter method annotations
    • JSR 303 validation
  • Relations
    • unidirectional OneToMany
    • use JoinTable for all relation cardinalities
  • Automatic actions upon Entity changes
    • CascadeType.DETACH
    • orphanRemoval: delete an orphan Entity if its relation to its parent Entity is broken
  • Collections
    • Support for mapping collections of Basic and Embeddable types (@ElementCollection)
    • Map keys and values can both be Basic, Embeddable and Entity types
  • Embeddables
    • Can be nested
    • Can have attributes with relations
    • Can inherit from a MappedSuperclass
  • Ordering
    • @OrderBy: determine order in which elements of List attributes are loaded
    • @OrderColumn: support for preserving List order in the database using an OrderColumn
  • Queries
    • TypedQuery <T>
    • Criteria API
      • metamodel generation
    • JPQL
      • functions and operations in SELECT clause
      • COALESCE function (returns first non null argument)
      • TYPE function: get class of Entity to compare with literal
      • CASE expression
      • KEY, VALUE, and ENTRY keywords for map operations
      • use of enums
      • enum and temporal literals
  • Locking
    • pessimistic locking support
    • lock mode arguments in EntityManager methods
  • Cache API
JPA 2 is implemented in Hibernate 3.5+

JPA 2.1 (JSR 338) is part of Java EE 7. Added features include:

  • StoredProcedureQuery
  •   StoredProcedureQuery proc = em.createStoredProcedureQuery("squareRoot");
      proc.registerStoredProcedureParameter("square", Double.class, ParameterMode.IN);
      proc.registerStoredProcedureParameter("root", Double.class, ParameterMode.OUT);
      proc.setParameter("square", 338.0);
      Double result = (Double)storedProcedure.getOutputParameterValue("root");
  • @Converter/@Convert: write custom code to convert java data to/from database data
  • JPQL 
    • selectively  access  entity subclasses: TREAT (relation.parentEntityAttribute AS  childEntity)
    • support for predefined and user defined database functions: FUNCTION(name,args...)
          WHERE FUNCTION (isAllowed, theater.movie, user.age)
  • update and delete using the Criteria API
  • Standardised schema generation properties 
  • Entity Graphs allow runtime control over which parts of an entity are fetched. Here's an example:
  • @Entity
    @NamedEntityGraph(name="withBids", attributeNodes={@NamedAttributeNode("bids")})
    public class Auction
    • The Auction above has bids that are normally lazily loaded.
    • Using the entity graph you can ask for a variant where the bids are eagerly loaded:
    Properties prop = new Properties();
    prop.put("javax.persistence.loadgraph", em.getEntityGraph("withBids"););
    Auction eagerBids= em.find(Auction.class, auction_id, prop); 
    •  In addition to declaring the graph with annotations, you can construct it at runtime with an API
    • The graph can also be set as a hint to a query
JPA 2.1 is implemented in Hibernate 4.3+

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