2 February 2014

Netbeans 7.4 and Java 8 preview (update)

The Netbeans 7.4 release candidate is out (update: full release is out now). Here's an overview of interesting new Java features (there's also PHP, C, C++ support) .

  • JDK8 preview support
    • debugger support for lambda expressions
  • Easy browser/mobile switcher

  • client network monitor
    •  In addition to the server side HTTP monitor for some application servers, NetBeans now has a client side network monitor for the internal browser and NetBeans Chrome plugin
  • Pure Editor Mode: View > Show Only Editor lets the editor take the entire NetBeans window, giving you the light feel of a basic editor like notepad++
  • Code completion
    • second CTRL-SPACE completes code one level down the members chain

    • Substring completion (in addition to exisiting starts with string completion)
  • folding
    • code folding shows number of hidden lines
    • folding support in output window (e.g. exceptions in stack traces)
  • JSON navigator and code folding
  • Debugger: go to source code of variable type
  • Lock contention profiling
  • diff between version control branches
  • tooltips of search results show surrounding lines
Here's the complete list