29 November 2011

Calendra lives on as Cognitum

Calendra Directory manager was a pretty good platform for rapidly developing web applications based on directories, databases, provisioning and workflow. As such it was a great tool for building Identity a Access management related applications.
Calendra was acquired by BMC Software, but never found its place in the portfolio of the company, and development slowed down.
This year ownership of Calendra was transferred to ITConcepts. Cognitum is the new name for the product. This month a new version of the product, Cognitum 7.7 is released. In addition to some bug fixes it aligns Cognitum with current standards: Java 6, JDBC 4, Tomcat 7 and Windows 7.
The roadmap for the product again looks ambitious now. The next version of the product is expected to merge some Calendra 4 features back into the main branch (Basket functionality, Studio Wizards, History actions...).
here's an overview of Cognitum's architecture: