12 November 2011

EDF convicted for hacking greenpeace

Electricité de France is the second player on the Belgian energy market, selling under the Luminus brand name.
Looking at  Electricité de France's website shows you a green company. They claim to have a carbon emission that's three times lower than their average competitor. This is not surprising: EDF is the world's biggest producer of nuclear energy.

Flamanville 3 nuclear reactor (under construction)
In 2006 EDF, which is controlled by the French state,  hired private investigators Kargus Consultants. They wanted to anticipate Greenpeace actions in the 2006 debate on building a new nuclear reactor in Flamanville near the channel.  Kargus hacked greenpeace computers and stole confidential documents. Kargus got caught however and were charged in court. The court found ound EDF guilty of "complicity in computer piracy". Former policeman Pierre-Paul Francois and former rear admiral Pascal Durieux, who were both in charge of EDF's security, were sentenced. The head of Kargus, a former french secret agent, and Alain Quiros, Kargus' information specialist, were sentenced as well.
Alain Quiros was sentenced as well for a separate case of hacking a french anti doping agency for Floyd Landis. After winning the Tour de France in 2006, he was stripped from his victory when it was discovered he had been using doping in the 17th stage which he won after an epic solo escape.