18 November 2011

Devoxx redux

Stephan Janssens: There will be a Devoxx France event in Paris, 18-20/4. 75% french / 25% english.

Mark Reinhold: Oracle thinks a two year release cycle is optimal. So we can expect Java 8 mid 2013.
   Let me think: that puts java 9 mid 2015

Mark Reinhold: We're planning reified generics and unified primitives for Java 9.

Mark Reinhold: Swing is a Sun development. Oracle will concentrate on JavaFX. Do not expect many new initiatives from Oracle for Swing.
  Well, I can name some other Sun developments

@Jax-RS 2 talk: JAX-RS will be in the Java EE7 web profile. 

Matt Railble: great video in presentation on Play, HTML5, Jade and CoffeeScript.

Shaun Smith: For JPA 2.1 EclipseLink is doing work on

  • multitenancy: separte datasets per group of users
  • domain model extensions: storing generic attributes (name/value pairs)
Joshua Bloch: I believe in evolution, even if my country does not.

Joshua Bloch: Who cares about the Java VM, it's the languages that count.

Greg Luck: JSR347 (Datagrid) will be based on JSR107 (caching)

Greg Luck: We talked with oracle to Apache license the TCK (Technology Compatibility Kit). Oracle legal wants to avoid implementations claiming 70% compatible and people testing compatibility of someone else's implementation. We are working with Oracle on a new license for the TCK.