11 June 2013

Hybris v5 new features (updated)

In march Hybris made an announcement of a new release. For a major version release the announcement was very low profile. It does not even say that it is a release at all, it just mentions some new features. Maybe they will make a more official announcement yet, who knows.
The release is much more about internals being updated than about radically new features, although there are some. Here's the stuff that caught ^my eye:

  • Architecture
    • New cockpit framework (a cockpit is a small web application directed at a specific task)
      • made up of widgets: multichannel screens that may user multiple datasources
      • Application Orchestrator: a graphical workflow tool to link widgets
    • Accelerators now have Addons: extensions without modifying the accelerator codebase. They may contain frontend functions
    • Mobile SDK
      • HTML5
      • sample apps with  GPS, camera, QR-code scanning, NFC...
    • Clustering without multicast
    • Better caching (EhCache default)
    • Default lazy loading
    • Media storage plugins + Cloud media support
    • Graphical workflow preview
  • Order Management Services (OMS) cockpit
    • single inventory view (multi shop, multi shop)
    • sourcing and allocation
    • pick/pack/dispatch
    • expected for V5.1
      • return management
      • back orders
  • Commerce Infrastructure Services (CIS): 
    • framework with pluggable payment, taxes, address verification, shipping, fraud detection, geolocation...
    • third party plugins for various services
  • InStore module: module providing services in brick and mortar stores
    • QR code, barcode, NFC identification
    • show rich product info
    • access to stock and order management