13 June 2013

Hybris 5.0.1 released

New Accelerator feature highlights:

  • Subscriptions (Telecommunications/Digital Accelerator):
    • Define complex subscription offerings with combinations of one-time, recurring, and per-usage charges
    • Manage multiple price periods
    • Personalize pricing based on customer profile
    • Manage subscription promotions by defining free trial or reduced price periods
    • Integrate with the organization’s billing system
    • Manage billing cycles (e.g., frequency, cycle type, cycle day)
    • Define metered and non-metered entitlements and associate them with subscription products
  • Order processing and delivery information Integrated with Store front (My account), Customer Service WebApp, email notification...
  • Progressing uncollected Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store orders
    • Customers are reminded to pick up their orders if they forget
    • If customers never show then the order is cancelled and a ticket is generated for the Customer Service representative to contact the customer and refund.