6 June 2013

online retail trends (updated)

A recent report by the UK Center for Retail Research shows the expected rate of online retail increase. Increasing by 50% by 2018, almost one out of three non-food products will be bought online.

Retailer networks will need only 70 stores to cover the UK, compared to 250 in the mid 2000s.
Even the consumers that buy in brick go online to select the product they want to buy.

Here's what people are buying online (in Belgium). If you combine hotel and travel than holidays is the most important online sector.

In other countries the online retail market share is lower:

In Belgium, according to a study by retail organisation Comeos, the online retail market share is 3%. This is the level the Benelux market was at in 2008. If Belgium follows the global Benelux trend the market should double over the next four years.
Half of Belgian respondents prefers to buy in a Belgian webshop. 70% would like the goods to be delivered at home.

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